Candelize was formed in 2015 by Charlotte Lusiak and Elsa Andrén in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our idea to refill scented candles was born after a rough count of 48 empty scented candle jars at home. And after scrutinizing the market we realized that we were not alone. But in order to refill all empty candle jars, we had to invent the product first. 
So, we figured: With a fragranced wax delivered in a stylish bag, Candelize can offer the first refill solution for scented candles and make it easy to re-use your favorite candle jars again and again with your fragrance of choice.

We not only want to give people the possibility to better use what they already have, but at the same time present the opportunity to personally choose both fragrance and jar. Without compromises. Why can’t you just have the fragrance you want in a jar you like? Enjoy,

/Charlotte Lusiak & Elsa Andrén